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"Shure" UA844+SWB 天綫/電源分配系統

UA844 Specifications

Carrier Frequency Range

470-900 MHz

Distributed RF Output Level (Gain)

–0.5 to 3dB, 1 dB typical, from antenna input (unused ports termi-nated with 50 Ω)

Output Connector Isolation

≥25 dB

Third Order Intercept Point (3 OIP)

24 dBm, typical

Operating Temperature Range

–7°C to 49°C (20°to 120F)

Overall Dimensions

44.5 mm H x 482.6 mm W x 171.5 mm D (1.75 x 19 x 6.75 in.)

Net Weight

1.62 Kg (3.6 lbs)