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"安視維" NeXtage 16 - 4K高分辨率混頻無縫切換器

NeXtage 16 - 4K Specifications

8 Seamless Inputs


28 total input plugs

4x HDMI (2x HDMI up to [email protected] included)

2x DisplayPort (up to [email protected])

6x DVI-I (2x DVI Dual-Link up to 2560x1600 included)


8x Universal Analog (4x HD15 and 4x DVI-A)

Supports quad-head HD sources


2 Outputs


5 plugs per output

4x Universal Analog (2x HD15 and 2x DVI-A)


1x DVI-I Dual-Link up to 2560x1600

1x DVI/HDMI 4K up to [email protected] 4:4:4

2x SFP (Optical for SDI Fiber transmission)


State-of-the-art Processing


Ultra-low latency 10 bit 4:4:4 processing

Uncompromising scaling performance and image quality

Supports de-interlacing, frame rate and aspect ratio conversion

4 true seamless scaled layers per output (16 scalers)

1 native background per output using still images or live sources

Advanced layer management


Advanced Video Effects


Seamless crossfade on all layers, on all 8 sources

Borders: Edge, Smooth, Smooth Edge, Shadow

Transitions: Cut, Fade, Slide, Wipe, Circle, Stretch, Depth, Flying window with programmable paths

Layer effects: Background Cut, Transparency, Luma/Chroma Key, DSK, H&V Flip, Cut and Fill

Color effects: B&W, Negative, Sepia and Solarize